The Value of ReportWa®



Create, preview, save and distribute reports yourself.


PMS Independent

Import feeds from custodians & 3rd party data providers.


Real Time

Real time preview & editing capability.


Managed Workflows

Use excel formulas in word and create formula templates


Built in Templates

Pre-built templates which enable faster report creation.


A Report Creator, Distribution Portal and Document Manager clubbed into ONE.


Plugin for Microsoft Word/Excel

A plugin that comes with inbuilt templates to create reports, real time preview, offers editable file format, quick upload and share reports.

It’s a Plugin for just what you want, when you want.


Report Portal

ReportWa® Report portal offers versatility in advisors’ operations.

Uploaded reports can be distributed using existing email templates and scheduled submission.

Assign tasks to users as per report.


Document Management System

DMS powered by Hexaview is integrated application with 2-factor authorisation. It is a secure cloud storage system with anti-virus scan.

Its integration with DocuSign enables eSignature capability for the users.It is structured to manage the lifecycle of your documents.


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